YELLOW JOLLY SLIDE $250 dry $300 wet
The yellow and red colors will make this stand out at your event. Cool blue slide leading to a pool is guaranteed fun.
18' BLUE WAVE $250 dry $300 wet
One of the most popular slides s adults and kids can both enjoy this refreshing slide. Big spacious pool at the bottom is where you land, so remember to tighten up those shorts!
21ft Double Splash $350 dry $400 wet
Want two slide and only space for 1? This is great for any event, the double slide can accommodate a larger amount of kids and adults.
18ft Daredevil falls  $250dry $350 w
Climb over the wall at your own risk! This adrenaline pumping slide will surely be a hit at your event.
24ft Mega Slide $400dry  $450wet
Mega slide is one of our most popular slides, the name states its greatness!
28ft PurpleHaze Slide $500 Dry $600wet
This jaw dropping colorful tropical dual slide is HUGE! So make sure you have enough space and an appetite for excitement!
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